Welcome to LonghornRings.com.  My name is Win Graham and I specialize in collecting championship items from The University of Texas.  I pick up some non-Texas items and am always willing to trade these for Texas memorbilia.  My collection incudes championship rings, bowl watches, game used bowl jerseys, game worn helmets, trophies, player awards, and many-many other items.

I am especially looking for the following University of Texas championship items:
* 1972 SWC football championship ring
* 1968 SWC football championship pendant
* 1962 SWC football championship pendant
* 1952 SWC football championship pendant
* 1950 SWC football championship pendant
* 1950 National championship baseball pendant

Do not hesitate to get in touch with me.  I love to discuss sports and memorbillia collecting.  win@allarcompany.com or 940-549-0077
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